Contemplating Crazy on a Lazy Sunday…

I’m having a nice sane spell at the moment.

We went on a road trip a couple of weeks back and got to see some of my kindred EV spirit animal people (and their pets, and their children, and their cars…). That lifted my spirits a lot. I also got to travel with some of the team and one of our partners. I’ll call him Tom to keep his identity somewhat secret.


So driving along with “Tom”, we were shooting the breeze (well, you might find this difficult to believe, but I did MOST of the talking) and then the issue of mental health came up.


Now “Tom” is one of those incredibly chilled out kinda guys, who never seems to get overly excited about much. He is calm under pressure, and doesn’t blow his stack and get too excited about things that make me shake/rattle/explode with enthusiasm.


We were driving along, and I mentioned quite brazenly and with more than a pinch of sarcasm:


“You may find this IMPOSSIBLE to believe, but I’ve got a few diagnosed mental health issues…”


“Tom” nearly busted a gut laughing out loud. Once his laughter subsided enough that our conversation could continue, we had great chats about our experiences with friends and family who cope with depression, anxiety, and any number of mental health issues.


This is the way we should ALL feel about mental health I think.


Yes, I am batshit cray cray. Yes, I sometimes make terrible decisions. Yes, my weaknesses can also be my strengths. Most people with mental health issues don’t spend too much of their lives in a zone where they pose much of a threat to themselves or others. Annoyance? Yes. A genuine threat? I don’t think so for the most part.


So today as I walked around Pak’n’Save dancing outrageously and having an excellent time talking to my verbose 2 year old son James, I thought to myself: “How fucking lucky am I to be nuts enough to have fun with my son while grocery shopping… That’s a pretty great thing, and I Love that about me.”


As my husband cowers in a separate room to me, because today is red zone day and the start of a three day period of sporadic behavior, laughter, tears, and sometimes anger (PMS, or PMT for those in the know) I thought I’d open up the laptop and take a moment to celebrate being a content and crazy lady.


Yay for eccentricities.


Have a great day, and thanks for reading.