Memories After A Month

Wedding Photos Have ARRIVED! This Blog will have a smattering of Sarah’s moments and I will take a selection of Dick’s (that is my bestie Richard BTW, get your mind out the gutter and rest on the sidewalk my beloved reader!) pics and share them farther down in the post or later today.

Our talented photographers Richard (Often shortened to the name Dick in ye olden days) and Sarah actually paid their own way to our wedding AND did the photography AND helped and calmed and cheered and were basically. generally and completely amazing.

Not a huuuuge number of pics of Richard and Sarah as they were on the other side of the lens. Here’s one with both of them tho! And my cutie 🥰 husband too

To say we are grateful to them for their talent, efforts, presence, joy, and friendship seems decidedly feeble, as they managed the kids and my bride-zilla ass with grace and proficiency.  I was pretty stressed out at the time, and perhaps even wondering if getting married a second time was the right choice.  

You know what, it totally was.  My husband is a doting, smitten, adoring, vulnerable, loveable goofball who knew exactly what he was signing up for and has never doubted our union or our purpose led pathway for a moment.  We both shifted our whole lives and prioritized our relationship as the defining force, particularly since the onset of the pandemic.  

I am not accustomed to feeling like I am enough.  Neither of us are used to the extreme ease that sets the tone for most of our days together.  But here we are.  Married just a smidge over a month now.  But, oh my, we fought a lot that first week.  We’ve found a calm reconciliation and I am pleased to report we are quite genuinely and generally blissed out newlyweds just living our lives and toiling away at tasks counting moments until we are reunited at the end of the working day.

We took stock of what has happened in the month since we married, and the list is actually awesome.  If we had not been the ones doing the doing of the things that have been done, I’d scarcely believe it were possible.  But together we have navigated a behemoth to-do list.  He’s started a full-time role so I am placed (reluctantly) as the primary farm focused force in our marriage for the next few months.

I will write more about all of that later, but now, I just wanted to look back on a truly magical and wonderful wedding day and share some of Dick’s pics and Sarah’s Magical Moments.

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