We Don’t Know How Lucky We Are

Where can I possibly begin this conversation. This. Electrifying Conversation.

I think, seeing as this is my blog and I am me, I will start by saying: WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK JUST HAPPENED!

Seriously.  Something magical, exhausting, immense, impactful, beautiful and terrifying just happened and required hundreds, perhaps thousands of people to put their hearts and minds on the line to contribute to, and also experience this epic phenomenon.  

For anyone reading this who doesn’t know, I have spent four years trying to figure out a way to bring people together to real talk about the situation we are in.  I don’t need to sugar coat this, the planet is in trouble, people and creatures are suffering.  More of the earth is on fire, under water, or covered in rubbish than any of us, even the most “woke” in our midst can or could actually comprehend.  The mess is incomprehensible, but it is real.  

If you are a climate change denier, or horrendous vessel for greed and ignorance, don’t bother trolling me on this, I don’t even hear it anymore.  Some people are dealing with our current global crisis with anger, ignorance and cognitive dissonance.  You do you boo.  While the rest of us get stuck in trying to find a sustainable and impactful resiliency plan.

Those in my tribe have opted to face our uncertain future with hope, kindness, and mahi (that is the Maori word for WORK for those of you not based here in Aotearoa).

November 1st 2019 Auckland’s ASB showgrounds hosted nearly 200 people (according to my friend Geoff’s headcount and observations) incredibly engaged and impactful human beings from across New Zealand and around the world.  

We convened at 8:00am to real talk about how fucked things have become and how we, as individuals, communities, businesses and a movements could innovate, communicate, collaborate and fight our way through the storm we all see on the horizon.

The collective IQ and experience in this room brought me to tears.  The power, purpose and potential in this room had a day to share, reflect and plan.  If there was ever a time to stop, collaborate and listen (ICE ICE baby… we’re definitely not too cool and can’t get more than 1.5 degrees Celsius warmer), it is now.  

This day, and the week of touring around New Zealand has been four years or more in the planning.  Fueled by my own, and many other’s insatiable optimism and Love for Aotearoa and the planet we chose to give our time, resource, and knowledge.  

It was a lot.

It was exhausting.

It was confronting.

And it was so much fun.

When I was in the midst of this magic, I was so stressed and wired I did not have the capacity to see just how much hope there is, or how lucky we are to be alive right now.

I’ve attached the harrowing itinerary 27 human beings from across New Zealand and around the globe experienced from November 3-8th.  We were there to listen and to be heard.  We were there to share messages of hope and impact with others and the world.  We did this, and we found friendship, laughter, grace and humanity in our group and across the country as we did.

So, I will need a few more days to come back down to earth before I am able to give an appropriate and accurate debrief on the highlights of ECNZ2019.

You will be treated to pictures, stories, case studies, and so many opportunities to join in on this ground swell of hope as fear and confusion continue to mount globally.

I’ll finish by saying thank you to my guests and team for the epic efforts and enthusiasm.  

We are currently collaborating on a Spotify playlist that we can pull out and remember this magic, when the darkness starts creeping in. I think everyone on this journey clearly understands that the world is actually on fire right now. But we found and felt a hope and comfort by joining together.

Friendships and alliances were made that will carry on, perhaps infinitely.  The only accurate description I can give you for what has happened is: magic.  We are all infinitely powerful and this was a solid and combined show display of moving powerfully toward a kinder, cleaner, rewarding and sustainable future.  

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  1. The Electrifying Conversations conference was amazing! I learnt a lot and met a heap of smart and inspiring people.

    I can only imagine how amazing the road trip was… look forward to seeing more about it!

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